Terms and Conditions

General Terms

These Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “Terms”) apply to all products, food, commodities, and goods (hereinafter, “Product”) sold by WOW Patisserie (hereinafter, “Company”) to a customer (“Customer”). Unless Customer and Company have agreed to different terms and conditions in a separately-signed written agreement, these Terms specify the terms upon which Company will sell Product to Customer, and supersede and take precedence over any contrary, inconsistent, or additional terms submitted in any prior or subsequent purchase order related to the Product or any other document originating from Customer. As purchase orders are placed by Customer online, by phone, e-mail, or instore, and accepted by Company in a written or oral confirmation (“Confirmation”), Company will sell Product to Customer, and Customer agrees to pay for the Product, at the prices stated in Company’s Confirmation. These Terms do not obligate Company to accept any additional or future orders.

Delivery – Risk of Loss

A. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Company and Customer, or as set forth in Company’s Confirmation, “Delivery” of Product shall be carried out by WOW Patisserie delivery staffs. Title to and risk of loss of Product shall pass to Customer upon Delivery to Customer. All Delivery dates are approximate only. Customer undertakes to take Delivery of the Product on the date and at the quantity and price set forth in each Confirmation. In the event that Customer fails to comply with the foregoing, Company may terminate any outstanding purchase orders and/or any business arrangement or relationship between the parties, without liability. Company shall have no liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of Customer’s breach of its obligations in these Terms.

B. Company will ensure that the Product supplied to Customer conforms to the specifications agreed to by the parties in writing (the “Specifications”).

C. Unless otherwise set forth in Company’s Confirmation, payment terms are due immediately on the date of invoice. Upon default of payment for any outstanding invoices, Company shall reserve the option to cancel any current or future orders placed by Customer.

D. Concerning the Products, the Company provides a limited warranty that at the time of Delivery, Product will substantially and materially conform to the Specifications.

Product Ingredients

Company does not operate in a nut-free facility. All products may contain traces of nuts or may have come in contact with nuts. It is the sole responsibility of Customer to inform Company of any allergies and/or medical complications that may arise from the consumption of Products.

Privacy Policy

Company collects Customer information which may include name, telephone number, email, address, age, sex, preferences (hereinafter, “Information”) by phone, email, or through the official website. Accuracy, confidentiality, and security of all personal information is highly guarded and never shared or sold to a third party. The purpose for the collection of Information is to provide specific services, offers, and products based on our Customer background and demographics. Providing Company with customer Information is a personal choice and a form of consent. Appropriate security measures and safeguards shall be in place to protect all Information.